Media Release 7:00 pm, Friday 4th March: Update on Central City Cordons and Recovery Assistance Centres

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The Central City cordon will be reduced on Sunday 6 March 2011.
An Enhanced Access Plan has been developed to gradually open the outer
areas of the Central City cordon for public access.

The Central City has been organised into four Green Zones on the outer
edges of the existing cordon and one Red Zone in the very centre. (See

From 2pm on Sunday 6 March, Green Zones 1 and 2 will be opened for
public access and the cordoned will be reduced. Traffic management will
be in place on city streets and drivers are advised to be patient if
entering these areas. These are the areas to the south west of the city
centre bounded by Rolleston Avenue, Armagh Street, Durham Street and
Moorhouse Avenue and the area to the south east of the centre bounded by
Fitzgerald Avenue, Moorhouse Avenue, Barbadoes Street and Oxford Terrace
(see map). There will be a 30 km/h speed limit in place in all zones.

Residents and businesses in these zones will be able to access the areas
earlier in the day, from 8am Sunday 6 March, to allow them to secure
their homes and premises before the streets are opened to the public. To
enter Green Zones 1 and 2, residents and businesses should approach any
cordon point with identification and proof of address.

Information centres will be set up in both zones, where residents and
business owners can find out more information about essential services,
welfare and structural building issues. These will be located in Green
Zone 1 on the corner of Montreal Street and Cambridge Terrace and in
Green Zone 2 on the corner of Fitzgerald Avenue and Cashel Street. Water
tankers will also be available close to these centres.

Green Zones 3 and 4 to the north of the city centre will be opened early
to mid next week.

Access to the Red Zone is restricted to emergency services and USAR
teams only. A plan to allow limited access for businesses to the Red
Zone on a case by case basis is being developed and will be released as
soon as possible.

Water networks have been restored to the majority of the area, however
it is likely that wastewater networks will be damaged. Water tankers
will be placed near the Information and Assistance Centres – residents
are advised to boil all water before drinking. Electricity has been
restored to a large area and Orion staff are working on the rest of the

Information sheets with further advice for residents and businesses will
be available from the Information and Assistance Centres.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions.

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