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Media Releases from Christchurch City Council

Media Advisory – Displaced Red Zone residents recover possessions under Resident Access Programme

A resident access programme for inner city Christchurch has been given the green light.

The programme, which was successfully trialled last week, has been adapted from the business access programme .

The business programme allowed 831 businesses limited, controlled access into the Red Zone, and 704 businesses into cordoned areas outside the Red Zone.

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority Interim Manager Transition and Deconstruction, Warwick Isaacs, one of the main challenges for the programme is reaching people.

Residents and tenants who have registered on the Earthquake Recovery News and Information (ERNI) service will be contacted shortly. People need to register early to be eligible.

Mr. Isaacs says the new programme involves detailed planning.

“How long someone can enter a building is thoroughly reviewed by structural engineers who carry out a careful assessment of hazards. Within a building everything from the number of floors, the stability of a stairway or whether there are safe refuge points, is taken into account. As a result some people are given 15 minutes, others two hours.”

Mr Isaacs says people need to take responsibility for their safety and plan their time in the Red Zone carefully.

“Bring a head torch and a high visibility vest, wear sturdy enclosed shoes, and make a list of your ‘must haves’. Helmets will be provided.

“Planning around safety is very complex, so once we have everything sorted we are able to give people 48 hours notice. If you’re waiting to hear from the resident access programme use that time to plan.”

Mr. Isaacs says it is important to remember the programmes might be the best and only chance for access to the Red Zone.

The resident access programme will continue for at least three weeks.

Photographs are available on request.

Media Advisory – Cordon Reduction Zone 4 South and section of Zone 6: Tuesday 3 May 2011

The central city cordon continues to be reduced this week.

Most of Zone 4 and the northern section of Zone 6 will open to residents and businesses owners on Thursday 5 May at 8am. They will open to the general public 24 hours later.

The cordon reduction encompasses the area between Salisbury Street and sections of Montreal Street, Chester Street West, Peterborough Street and Cambridge Terrace.

In the Zone 4 South area this will mean significantly more access to businesses, including the area around the Christchurch Casino.

Following the opening of parts of these zones, the cordon boundaries will move to reflect the areas that are safe to be open, and the areas that are still too unsafe to be accessed.

The new Zone 6 boundary will be extended to a section of what was Zone 4 South, including the drop zone for the Copthorne Hotel on the corner of Durham Street North and Kilmore Street.

Zone 6 will be reduced to allow residents in the northern section of the zone access to their homes. A small section of the Red Zone north of Oxford Terrace will become part of Zone 6. The zone is unable to be fully opened because of a sewer collapse in Kilmore Street which has left the road badly damaged. Demolitions will also continue in the reduced zone.

On Thursday 5 May residents and business owners from both zones need to approach the entry cordon point at the former Christchurch Women’s Hospital on Colombo Street with access from Bealey Avenue. They must carry identification and proof of address.

Building owners can contact Christchurch City Council to find out if they have a red, green or yellow placard on their building by phoning 941 8999. Do not enter a building if it has a red placard as this means the building is unsafe; if the building has a yellow placard entry read and follow any restrictions on use of the building which is listed on the placard.

Please refer to the cordon map [PDF, 636KB] for more information. A detailed map [PDF, 613KB] is also available.